Speech Pathology

Communicate without problems

Do you suffer from speech, language and/or swallowing disorders?

Do you struggle with daily communication?

Speech Pathology

Επικοινωνία χωρίς εμπόδια

Occupational Therapy

Every child starting together

Developmental disorders, sensory impairment, early intervention, learning difficulties, behavioral difficulties, immaturity of coarse and fine movements, hyperactivity, distraction.

Occupational Therapy

Όλα τα παιδιά στην ίδια αφετηρία!

Learning Difficulties

Earlier diagnosis means quicker recovery

Don't allow your child to "stay behind." Don't lose precious time.

Learn how!

Learning Difficulties

Έγκαιρη διάγνωση, ταχύτερη αποκατάσταση

Child psychiatry and psychology

Encouragement isn't enough

Anxiety about school performance, sleep or eating problems, anger and aggression, self-confidence, sociability, adolescence and puberty.

Issues of everyday life, among others, that affect the quality of your child's and family's life.

Child psychiatry and psychology

Δώσε τέλος στο πρόβλημά. Βελτίωσε την ποιότητα ζωής σου.

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